The Environmental Health Channel is an interactive web-based platform for creating and sharing environmental sensing and health data narratives. This data, shared by affected residents and collected by the SWPA Environmental Health Project (EHP), includes physical and psychosocial health symptoms, particulate pollution (PM2.5) air measurements, and personal stories from residents. This tool displays this data using visualization and exploratory data analysis techniques. This enables researchers, health professionals, and the public to interactively explore and share compelling scientific evidence of local impacts of oil and gas drilling.

Interact with the Data Visualization Tool

Explore Stories of Fracking-Affected Families

Public health scientists, medical professionals, and community service experts at EHP are dedicated to assisting residents who believe they are, or could be affected by oil and gas drilling activities. Since 2014, EHP has collected highly-detailed health data via self-reporting surveys as well as environmental exposure information.

The Environmental Health Channel was developed by the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University in partnership with the Environmental Health Project. This work was made possible with support from the Pittsburgh Foundation. Sincere appreciation to the families who shared their stories to create the photo-narratives, and to the growing number of individuals and families who are contributing invaluable data by participating in Speck air monitoring.

Credits: CMU CREATE Lab: Yen-Chia Hsu, Paul Dille, and Illah Nourbakhsh / Carnegie Mellon University: Sandra Sajeev / Environmental Health Project: Ryan Grode, Leann Leiter, Jessa Chabeau, Ken Hamel, Raina Rippel, Jill Kriesky, and Hannah Blinn / Pittsburgh Foundation: Michael Yonas.